The Popularization of the Social Sciences in the Context of the Digital and Dialogical Turn

Michal Šimůnek



Since the second half of the 1990s we can distinguish several tendencies that can be considered as indicators of the digital turn in social scientific practice. Although we can recognize the consequences of digitization of the social sciences in many forms and on several levels, probably the most noticable is the revival of the expectations associated with the so-called dialogical turn and the concept of public science. This critical review of the anthology and the book-hypermedia Phillip VANNINI (ed.), Popularizing Research. Engaging New Genres, Media and Audiences. New York: Peter Lang 2012, 220 pp.; Phillip VANNINI (ed.), Popularizing Research [online]. 2012. Available at: <> [cit. 4. 1. 2013] thus aims to cover mutual connections between the digital and dialogical turn in the social sciences and delineate their relation to the concept of public science.


digitální obrat, dialogický obrat, multimodalita, participatorní metody, veřejná věda; digital turn, dialogical turn, multimodality, participatory methods, public science

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