S & T Intermediary Activities in CZ NUTS 2 Region Prague: SUPER-SME Project

Adolf Filáček

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46938/tv.2008.437


The paper is describing the current state of intermediation services in CZ NUTS 2 Region Prague, based on results of ongoing SUPER-SME Project of FP6. It is possible to identify an import ant role of intermediaries in research, development, and innovat ion activities. The intermediation aims at optimizing supply of scientifi c and technological services, with demand of RTDI companies and organizations or any other actors using or interested in using these services, e.g. national or regional stakeholders. S & T intermediary is defined as a public, private, or public/private (non-profi t) institution with a mission of optimizing interface between supply of scientific and technological services and demand of an enterprise, groups of enterprises, or any instit ution in this respect. Universities, research centers, private comp anies, or technology transfer centers can play a role of S&T intermediary.


research; development; innovation; intermediaries

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