Renewing and New Types of Innovation

Imre Hronszky, Ágnes Fésüs



This article assesses eff orts to develop “open innovation”. First, open innovation is put in the framework of knowledge society. It is shown that the term open innovation refers to such diff erent cases that it is better to assess them separately. Chesbrough’s “open innovation”, the “lead user” conception, the idea of “commons-based-peer-production” and “interactive value prod uction” is shortly explored. “Incertitude” is overviewed as bas ic background that urges societal praxis to turn to open innovat ion. At the end the article, referring to an expert material worked out for the EC DG Research, called with abbreviation TEKSS, turns interest to extending open innovation by integrating conc erned groups as innovation partners as engagement, i.e. as partners through the whole innovation process.


innovation; users; production; knowledge

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