Interpretation in Narrative Approach

Vladimír Chrz, Ivo Čermák



The focus of the present study is the issue of narrative inquiring in interpretive humanistic or social sciences, especially in psychology. Interpretation is understood as an explication of meaning-making. Several dilemmas concerning interpretation are identified. Narrative approach is suggested as a solution to these dilemmas. Narrative perspective, and relationship between narrativity and experience are explored and narrative data are taken into account as well. Narrative research is defined as a reconstruction of different ways of meaning-making by the narrative tools. Narrative interpretation enables us to oscillate flexibly and effectively between 1) explicit data and exemplifying schemas, 2) the individual and culture, 3) the hermeneutics of suspicion and the hermeneutics of trust, 4) parts and the whole, 5) con- tent and form, 6) structure (text) and function (context).


narration; story; interpretation; explication; exemplification; meaning-making

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