Call for Papers: "Experiments and Transgressions in Social Scientific Writing"


The aim of this issue, in broad-brush terms, is to address changing formats of writing in social science. Building on long-term interdisciplinary debates on boundaries between “science” and “literature,” or between “literary investigation” and “scientific inquiry,” we welcome submissions that reflect upon specific writing practices, experiments and transgressions in the social sciences. In particular, we seek studies that approach the tie-up between writing and social science in terms of current regimes of knowledge production, and also in relation to various audiences and publics.

The list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • the art of writing social science (manuals, textbooks, learning tools, skillful writing)
  • writing for expertise (social scientists as experts in applied contexts)
  • writing for social science (activist, normative, radical styles)
  • changing formats of writing and presenting social science knowledge (blogs, podcasts, videos, youtube, mooc, online presentation)
  • social science writers and their careers
  • dialogue between science and the arts
  • books versus articles
  • publishing practices in the social sciences
  • writing practices as such (proofreading, peer reviewing, rewriting)

Abstracts (c. 300 words) with a short biographical note are due 15 June 2018.

Full articles will be expected by 30 November 2018.

Please, send your abstracts or any preliminary queries to